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Made the goal!

With today's unexpected acceptance of "Not to Forget" to Wordknot (, I made my goal this year of 12 sales! This feels so good and reminds me not to set my goals too low for next year.

The podcast should be interesting. I've never listened to anyone else read my stories before and I suspect that I'll hear things I want to change. Which is fine; stories can evolve over time. This particular story is short, less than 2000 words, and I meant for a reader to read between the lines. I guess now a listener will have to listen hard:).

This, combined with an acceptance last week for an erotica piece to Fishnet, has made December a good writing month! Plus, I still have one story out to an invitation-only antho that I know will get a fair read from the editor so there's that one to hope for. Of course, there were rejections this month. Two from Glimmer Train, one from GUD, one from Greensboro Review.

Setting new goals (I hesitate to call them resolutions) is something that's been on my mind lately. I think being realistic yet pushing yourself is the way to manage. Making 60+ submissions next year will be a push but it just means that I need to manage my time off from the Day Job better. I'm blessed in that I don't have the TV timesuck/vampire habit; I just don't care about television. OTOH, going to the barn could turn into time suckage because it's hard for me to walk away from horses. They's so purty!

Probably the biggest goal to set is the decision about committing to another novel. For me, the emotional and mental push to make that call was a hard one. Once I got started, I was fine because once I've said yes to a project, the Capricorn in me doesn't let me back out easily. And now that I know exactly how much real work it is, I'm probably even more reluctant to take one on. Even on the fun days, it's grueling. It took me a year, using nearly *all* of my time off: vacations, weeknights, weekends. I went entire Friday to Sundays with the only person I even talked to was the kid at the drive-thru window. Going back to work on Monday was almost a shock. Egads, other humans! :)

What do other novelists use to kick their new books? Is it the idea of being finished? Is it the characters and world you control? How do/did you barrel through the dreaded middle, where everything starts to sag? And how did you feel on the day when you finally printed it all out and saw it sitting on your desk? A tome? Hundreds of pages? Share!
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