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workshop reverb

The energy is still there from the Eckerd workshop; I spent my lunch hour today getting more thoughts about Tanner on paper- how he got from Raiford to Bloomington; his nasty little scene with a bank manager after the ATM shuts him out of the system; and I even thought of schmoopy, romantic, dramatic ending. Thisbe and Jay both said my workshop story seemed like a segment of a longer work and the more I think about Tanner, the more I think I may want to write a novel about him.

Heh. Who knew? Maybe that expensive Criminology degree will pay off after all. Getting into his head will be a challenge but an irresistible one, I'm guessing.

A long weekend coming up and I'm going to make time to write more Tanner. Yeah, I've got editing projects to keep on too, so I'll have to manage my time well. I do well with days in and days out: running all my errands at once then staying in to work and write. Helps me focus.

The rest of the Writers in Paradise workshop was so worthwhile. Not only the critique from the faculty but the other students in our group were thoughtful and giving and had great suggestions. And having that writers energy all around was inspiring as well. For many of us dealing with the real world, it's hard to remember that some people do value intellectual work and achievement in writing and take creative work seriously.

Got three rejections this week: one from Zog's Notebook, two from StorySouth but one of those was "close, but not quite" with a helpful comment. Maybe the Tanner story will go there next.
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