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Accomplished today:

For other people-
Worked on one of the book doctor projects. Slashed and hacked mostly. It seems to work better for me to swoop through a manuscript multiple times: the first pass to cut and move scenes as needed; the second to write new scenes and add to what’s already on the page; the third to smooth out transitions and whatnot. And the last for a final light copy edit. I find it easier to concentrate on one type of fix at a time. Otherwise, I’d worry that I might miss something.

Worked on the first pass at a proofreading job. It’s a rush job but I want to let some time pass before I sweep through it again and send it back.

For myself:
Got a lovely acceptance email from the Boundoff editors. They liked “Boxes” enough to take it for their podcast! (This was the story that got an honorable mention in the Creative Loafing short story contest). I’m very tickled.

Prepped “Cages” for submission to journal. I’ll mail that out tomorrow when I hit the road and go to the bookstore and the library.

I feel like I haven’t been home in weeks. Between Epicon, and having the day job down in Tampa since November, I’ve felt a little disoriented: living out of a suitcase most nights, but never really unpacking when I got home so I can pack up again Sunday night. Now that I’ll be home full-time, I’m going to be more productive.

I am. Really.
Tags: productivity and the lack thereof
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