beleatkeeney (beleakeeney) wrote,

Okay, now I readily admit to not being techno-enhanced but I'm having an aggravating issue with this one document. It will lock up when I'm making a comment. Just locks up; I have to shut down through the Task Manager window and it does suck up the CPU to 100% once it locks. It only seems to happen with this one document which makes me think that the doc is corrupted in some way so how do I fix that?

Any advice appreciated! I've shut down Word about six times today already trying to get through this... I've been to the Microsoft site and browsed through the "support" articles there but nothing addresses this comments issue. It hasn't locked up any other time today and it's done it a couple times in the past but I can't recall if it was this same document.

:) I'm all ears!
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