beleatkeeney (beleakeeney) wrote,

This is a hoot, an audio story that's now live:

"The Tale of Trapper Tommy" is the story of a wildlife trapper who gets more than he bargained for when tromping around the swamps north of Tampa. Tommy is based on a real guy. Well, sort of. When I was living in my lil' cottage, I had squirrels in the attic, in the chimney, in the walls, and beneath the house. I called one of the wildlife relocation services, and they sent this kid out to the house, who was maybe, I dunno, twelve years old.

Okay, so not twelve, but a Very Young Man. (And kinda cute). The name on his business card was Thomas, but the Trapper Tommy moniker immediately jumped to my mind and stayed. And I used it.


To his dismay.

So, I took the name and wrote a story. "My" Tommy is older and wiser, but he finds something pretty creepy out in the woods. Something that scares even an old-timer like him. It was fun to write with a colloquial first-person POV; it's just so much fun to break the rules, ya know?+

Sniplits sells audio stories for just 88 cents. Seems like a bargain to me. I'm hoping the audio markets pick up as more and more folks get plugged in with iPods and whatnot.

And yes, I'm surviving Fay. I wish the bitch would just move on.
Tags: sniplits, trapper tommy, wildlife
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