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Lycanthrope: The Beast Within

It appears that this book is finally making its appearance and on a full moon night. How apropos!

Lycanthrope: The Beast Within press release:

Throughout history they have existed in folklore and nightmares…

By day they walk among us, hidden in plain sight. They are our neighbors and friends. But when the sun sets and the full moon rises, the beast within comes out…

And the hunt begins.

Grab a silver bullet and prepare yourself for 20 tales of animalistic terror crafted by authors from around the world. Travel across the ages and go beyond the myth to discover the horrific secrets of the werebeasts. See what lurks in the swamps of Florida; sprint across the rooftops of London in a deadly chase; follow an unfortunate soldier’s footsteps into the forests of Africa; find pity for a wounded soul who has yet to realize the full nature of his powers. These stories and others are ready to take you through a series of bone-snapping transformations that will make you howl for more.

From ancient cultures to the high-tech future, nowhere is safe from the shape-shifting bloodlust of The Beast Within. *** End promo

"Lure of the Wolf" is my contribution to this one, and I really enjoyed writing it. It's a tale of a librarian and the werewolf she finds living in her azaleas. Set is 2045, when the government manages the Vampiric Studies Institute and the Lycanthrope Commission, in an attempt to control some of the predator species that evolved after the wolves, big cats, and bears died off earlier in the century. A bit fanciful and, according to several of my beta readers, a bit romantic, "Lure of the Wolf" is now available.
Tags: graveside tales, lycanthrope: the beast within, werewolves
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